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Clinical Development Partnerships (CDP) is a joint initiative launched by Cancer Research Technology and Cancer Research UK. The CDP scheme aims to increase the number of successful new treatments for cancer patients by taking more novel oncology agents into clinical development. CDP combines CRT’s commercial know-how with the operational capabilities and translational and clinical expertise of the CRUK Centre for Drug Development. It brings promising anti-cancer agents, which companies are otherwise unable to develop, into clinical trials.

The initiative is primarily targeted at leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies who may require expertise, resource or capabilities to take forward novel agents in oncology. CDP offers these companies an alternative path for clinical development. It provides a unique opportunity to work with Cancer Research UK, the world's largest charitable funder of cancer research, and enables companies to realise the full potential of their oncology pipelines for the benefit of people with cancer.

Since its formation, CDP has seen 18 treatments enter the programme, with 11 currently in active development and 3 completed.

For more information about the CDP initiative, contact the team at: